City Of Zion (COZ) is a group of open source developers that formed to support NEO. We provide weekly reports that summarize our goals, projects, and progress. In exchange, the NEO Council is supporting these contributions through NEO rewards.

The COZ Council is aware of recent news regarding regulations across the globe. NEO is an open source project supported by a large global community. NEO can – and will – do far more than power a couple of ICOs in the upcoming months, and its distributed applications (dApps) will reach far beyond the borders of any specific country.

NEO is a platform for the future, and we cannot see a future with less digitalization of assets, contracts, and financial instruments at the global scale we operate. COZ members are working hard to make NEO the platform that empowers this vision.

Here is what the COZ team are working on and ready to implement


Neo Core

  • Neo Unit Tests – Ongoing testing of the core Neo project.

Admin Portal

  • More working on new feature (support helpdesk)

dApp Template (MEAN)

  • RPC support
  • Network sync
  • npm module to follow

Mobile Wallet (Android/IOS)

  • Testing of functionality
  • Refactor code
  • Add QoL functionalities
  • Working on import functionality to import from other wallets (db3, json)
  • Working on Address Book to save addresses
  • First tests on iOS

Neon Wallet

    • Alpha release 0.0.5
    • Multi-account support / save encrypted keys using NEP2
    • Generated encrypted NEP2 keys
    • Settings page to manage saved keys and block explorer
    • Logging of public information for debugging and performance
    • Multiple login options from Neon dashboard
    • Settings page to control block explorer, and export and import key recovery files


    • Neo Smart Contract Video tutorial


  • Finalize NEP2 support and add tests

Neo Python

  • Improved P2P node reliability and speed (testnet syncs in 20 mins, mainnet in 3 hours)
  • Added basic wallet functionality (create, import/export WIF, send/receive, inspect, rebuild)
  • Added docker file


  • Code review: optimization & bug fixes;
  • New design concept


  • Japanese translation of consensus, node, api documentation
  • English version of dBFT paper

Neo Swift SDK

  • All blockchain read operations
  • Cryptographic wallet generation (private key, wif, address, public address)
  • Send asset transaction for both NEO and GAS
  • First step towards native NEO applications on iOS and macOS

This week was intense, and we hope that by giving a soft announcement of our upcoming dApps competition people can share insights and learn on the #develop channel of our Slack.

Last but not least the COZ Council would like to thank the NEO Council for their trust and contributions to our group. It is their continued support and focus that allows our members to transition to full time now and in the future.

FCC, on behalf of COZ Council.