Voxelus Vox Coin

Does Voxelus Vox Coin ‘Crypto-To-Equity’ Exchange Offer Glance Of VR Future?
With virtual reality becoming a more mainstream technology in many Western countries, VR is flourishing in China as a form of mainstream entertainment.

Hundreds of VR arcades, kiosks, cafes, and ‘experience rooms’ are springing up in cities across the country, and offer a VR experience for about the price of a movie ticket. Analysts expect the virtual reality industry in China to boom to US$8.5 billion by 2020.

“Being an investor in a mature VR company has never been so easy,” said Halsey Minor, co-founder of Voxelus.

“By using voxelus Vox Coin instead of US dollars, you can own stake in one of VR’s most promising companies at an attractive valuation.”

The equity stake in Voxelus will be in common stock in Voxelus, Inc., which is a Delaware corporation with business development and marketing in Los Angeles and technical operations in Argentina. Since there is no preferred stock issued, all persons participating will be on an even playing field with the founders, early investors and employees. Voxelus was co-founded by Repetto, Maximo Radice and Halsey Minor, founder of CNET, a NASDAQ 100 company prior to its sale to CBS, and co-founder of Salesforce.com, GrandCentral (now Google Voice), Open DNS, NBCi, Rhapsody and Uphold.

What is Voxelus Vox Coin?

About Voxels
The Voxel (VOX) in-game cryptocurrency powering all sales and e-commerce on the site is a revolutionary new blockchain product, combining the same “proof of work” security behind bitcoin with a unique checkpoint server that prevents possible attacks on the network. The cryptocurrency began trading on March 31, 2016 and trades actively on the three largest exchanges for alternative cryptocurrency: Bittrex (www.bittrex.com), Poloniex (www.poloniex.com) and ShapeShift (www.shapeshift.com), as well as two smaller exchanges. ShapeShift founder/CEO Erik Voorhees was responsible for naming the in-game cryptocurrency token the Voxel. ShapeShift is an early investor in Voxels and facilitated its $500,000 crowdsale, which ended in December, 2015.
About Voxelus
Founded in 2015, Voxelus is a revolutionary platform that allows anyone to create Virtual Reality games, experiences and virtual spaces without writing a line of code. The platform consists of Voxelus Creator, a 3D design app for PC and Mac; Voxelus Viewer, which works on desktop PCs, Oculus Rift and Samsung VR devices; and the Voxelus Marketplace, which allows creators to sell and user to buy VR content and games for the Voxelus ecosystem, using the unique Voxel in-game cryptocurrency.
The team behind Voxelus is formed by seasoned veterans in the gaming industry and the tech world who together previously created Atmosphir, an award winning 3D games creation tool for Mac and PC. Voxelus are headquartered in Argentina with development offices Buenos Aires and Rosario.

As the Gaming industry is a highly growing industry, Voxelus coin may be one to keep an eye out for when investing.

Voxelus, which was founded in 2015 and whose platform enables users to create VR games, experiences and virtual spaces without writing a line of code, announced this December that they will offer up to a 33.3% equity stake in Delaware-registered corporation Voxelus Inc., in exchange for the 15% of the Voxel crypto currency (Ticker: VOX) that is currently issued and outstanding on the market.

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